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Premium features, affordable price. Modular design enabling universal clinical application Prism Surgicare takes immense pride in working together with some of the leading clinicians in India for the development of our latest Product line: The Robusta Pro OT Table series. Following the same philosophy used when we developed our first Surgical lights, Prism is confident that this principle of working with clinicians and addressing their concerns and requirements at the time of development will ensure that the Robusta OT Table series will also be a successful product in the medical devices market in India.

Motorised movements & manual backup

All motions of the Robusta are driven by an electrical drive actuator. Every motion, height up-down, longitudinal motion, trendelenburg, lateral tilt etc. all can also be adjusted with a manual override switch. This makes the design tropicalised and relieves the clinician of the hassle of being dependent on any external factors during a surgical procedure.

Unrestricted C-arm Access

Modularity of the attachments allow for the table to be used in various versions to have maximum access for the C-arm for a wide range of faculties. Depending on the type of surgical procedure, the Robusta OT Table can be rearranged to give maximum C-arm access to the clinician. Unrestricted

Interchangeable head and leg section

The head and leg section of the robusta OT Table can be interchanged to suit the requirement of the clinical procedure and to suit the surgeons comfort. The attachment can be easily removed using our Smart Locking mechanism with a small push of a button.

Rugged Design, heavy load capacity

The Robusta OT Table has been designed to be used in the subcontinental conditions. The entire table is made out of SS 304 ensuring long term rust free product. The table has also been designed and tested to hold upto 250 kgs of weight at any position, giving it the necessary Robustness for any clinical procedure.

Manual Override

Considering the conditions in India, the Robusta OT Table has an inbuilt manual override switch as standard across the range to ensure 0 failure of the system and that the clinician can continue the clinical procedure even in the worst case of battery getting completely drained out.

Multiple positions can be easily achieved using memory function

The Robusta OT Table come with an optional advanced controller that can multiple positions in its memory as per the surgeons comfort and surgical requirements.

Our constant pursuit of clinical excellence, and a lot of testing has resulted
in a tried and tested product which will facilitate the work inside the
operating room and help to increase the safety and comfort of the patient.
The Robusta OT Table, true to its name, can take a heavy load of upto 250
kgs in any position. The modularity of the attachments ensure that it can be
adapted to match the size of the patient. A longitudinal slide of upto 300
mm ensure it is even more versatile for any procedure.

Design & Specifications

Opreating Table Positions

Position 01

Position 02

Position 03

Position 04

Position 05

Position 06

Position 07

Position 08

Robusta Pro Technical Specifications

Opreating Table Functions

Trend Rev

Reverse Trend Rev





Robusta Pro AV

The video is intended to serve as a guide to our partners and our end user
to use our OT table. Please do not use the OT table without reading the
entire operating manual. For further guidance, please reach out to our
authorized representative at Matrix Medicals.

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