Full HD Camera
Integrated with Lighthead

A versatile partner for surgeons Prism recognizes the need to deliver the latest medical technology in order to enable healthcare practitioners in India to provide the best healthcare services to patients with relatively lower spending capacity. Since the launch of the first product of the Luminox series, Prism has set the industry standard for surgical lighting in India. With the launch of the all new Prism Full HD Imaging Solution, Prism is looking to take the game further by setting a new benchmark for performance expectations from surgical lighting. With a few first in class features, the all new eco aims to deliver the latest medical technology to the Indian surgeon at an accessible pricing.

Auto focus

10x optical zoom

Auto white balance

Auto exposure control to counter high intensity of light

Zoom with auto focus tracking

Strategically position to allow unrestricted access to cavity even with multiple surgeons

High Defination image quality

Recorder with usb port

Live Streaming Technology

Live Streaming Technology

Features of Live

– High definition video stream integrable with any microphone.

– Ergonomics designed for use in surgical environment.

– Easy sterilization procedure, safe to use inside operation theatre.

– Mobile version making it easy to shift from one OT to the other during the event.

– Cost effective solution, available on rent per day.

Prism Full HD Camera Technical Specifications

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