Force 400 Generator

Highly effective, reliable and versatile ESU with smart feedback system to give precise current output and
desired clinical effect.
 The Force 400 generator is a simple yet effective electrosurgical generator for most
clinical applications. It is the ideal partner for any surgeon who is looking to start his practice with a
reliable and effective ESU, yet not too heavy on the pocket. Force 400 is the one of our longest running
series of generators with over 5000 independent installation of the generator across the country.
Designed initially specially for Urologists, many of our users today have also used the Force 400 generator
for other advanced clinical applications such as gynaecology, laparoscopy, general surgery, orthopaedic,
proctology, etc.

Upto 400 W Monopolar Power with independent Cut / Coag modes

3 Preset Cut and Coag modes with precise power adjustable using digital interface.

Precise Output at Lower Power Settings

Force 400 generator delivers precise current at lower power settings as it uses a lower voltage to deliver its power. This ensures less neuro-muscular stimulation and minimal collateral tissue damage.

Upto 100 W Bipolar Power with independent Micro / Macro modes

Separate Micro/Macro mode giving the clinician flexibility to adjust the power as per the requirement of the clinical procedure

Power supply safety

Switching power supply device accepts the wide range of input voltage from 150 to 270 Volts and hence keep the output constant through out the range in confirmity with IEC-601-1/601-2.

Safety with Versatility

The sturdy design leads to safe surgery of patients and continuous monitoring of HF leakage eliminates the risk of alternate side burns and added advantage of REM (Return Electrode Monitoring) system.

Two Separate Pure Cut modes

The Cresta W energy platform has 2 separate Pure Cut modes, one calibrated for use in Open Surgery, while other specially for TUR surgery and other Laparoscopic procedures.

Design & Specification

Dual Bipolar Modes - Micro
and Macro

Dual Bipolar modes ‘Micro’ and ‘Macro’ to give clinicians the
additional flexibility and precision while performing any clinical
procedure. The clinician can adjust the mode depending on the
instrument tip as well.

Smart Feedback System

The Force 400 comes with an inbuilt smart feedback system provides
surgeons with improved performance at lower power settings, minimizing
the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation, and decreasing
the need to “turn up the generator.”

Tried and Tested technology
over 25 years

With over 5000 installations for the Force 400 unit, it is one of the
longest running series of ESUs in the world. The product still
maintains its relevance by the sheer excellence of its clinical

Force 400 Technical Specifications

Modularity for using accessories

Even though we recommend that the clinician should use the instruments and accessories provided by Eclipse along with the generator, the Cresta W
energy platform has been designed in a way that the clinician can use his own instruments and accessories with it. The instrument ports have been
designed for universal standard joints to give the clinician freedom to attach any desired accessories with the generator.

Silicon Patient Plate

Chuck Handle with Electrode

Electrode Pencil

Bipolar Forcep

Monopolar & Bipolar Footswitch

Disposable Patient Plate (Optional)

Biclamp (Optional)

5mm Seal Cut (Optional)

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