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Lighting is one of the heavenly gifts for Life and Existence in the entire Cosmos: It is Pure, Eternal, Perfect, Divine, Glorious and Beautiful. Celestial lighting is energy moving freely in the entire cosmos, illuminating objects wherever it reaches

Articulately crafted combining four essential metrics of a surgical luminaire

Performance metric : Precise illumination, with almost 100 CRI and more than 90 GAI.

Biological metric : True colors and vivid nature of illumination combined with narrow and deep cavity focus modes enabling variation for various surgical procedures.

Design metric : Metal body and efficient optics with customization options.

Engineering metric : 100% failsafe mechanism (Triple redundancy for failsafe nature)

Compact Design

Ergonomic design with rounded edges enabling smooth air flow around the light head body

Flexible & Ergonomic Controls

As close to natural light as todays highest known technology can reach.

Focus Adjustments For Desired Clinical Applications

Standard Focus Mode

Precise focus with a D50 of 150, and a D10 of 250. Can be used for the majority of surgical procedures.

Narrow Focus Mode

Special sharp focus mode with a D50 of 120 and a D10 of 200. Recommended for smaller operating cavity such as neuro or pediatric procedures.

Deep Cavity Focus Mode

Special focus mode designed to provide enhanced illumination in deep cavity procedures. Specially recommended for cardiac procedures.

Endo Focus Mode

Triple endo mode, warm, natural and cool to provide perfect ambient lighting for endoscopic procedures

Truly Natural and Vivid Lighting

The surgical cavity illuminated by the OT light is a multilayered, multicolored illumination site with organs and tissue that are very close to one another. It is very important for the surgeon to look at the true colors of various tissues to be able to do accurate clinical diagnosis and comfortably differentiate one tissue and organ from the other. Thus both true color rendering and vividness, both are very important for the operating surgeon.

Celesta series of surgical light is the first surgical light to deliver over 98 CRI with a combination of over 92 GAI, thus a truly natural and vivid light. Just as CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of the light source's capacity to bring out the natural colors of the object, GAI (Gamut Area Index) is the measure of the ability of the light source to differentiate one object from the other. Prism is the first brand globally to actively promote GAI as an important performance parameter of a surgical light. (can mention as a separate note

Precise Lighting
Quality over Quantity

Glare is nothing but the wasted light, That reflects back info the surgeons eyesight off objects other than operating cavity

Celesta series of surgical lights is carefully designed to deliver high quality of light precisely at the surgical cavity, where illumination is necessary. By contrast many other manufacturers focus only bright light, which can sometimes cause an undesired outcome of glare. By definition glare is the excess light around the desired light that reflects off of undesired objects back into the surgeon's eyesight causing unnecessary strain and eye fatigue.

The illustration of a person reading the book is a clear example of how a poorly designed light can serve the required application, but in an inefficient way and cause unwanted outcome of glare, causing discomfort to the user. On the other hand a properly designed light, can illuminate the required site with precise lighting, even in smaller amounts of overall light. Thus more is not always better.

Shadow Management

With over 600 interacting light beams, combined with advanced parallel beam optics, Celesta ensures a high degree of shadowless-ness. The new optical design enables the light head to have 23% higher light emitting area, thereby resulting in an enhanced shadow-less compliance.

Hawk Eye Vision Imaging Solution

Full HD Camera Outstanding Images Unimagined flexiblity - Hawk Eye Vision

Introducing Prism Smart Light with Surgical Cam (SLSC) module - Versatile networking and video conferencing solution for surgical workshops and clinical education. Mobile tool to enable surgeons to conduct video conferencing from within their OTs. The Full HD video feed generated by our SLSC system can be easily integrated with any video conferencing platform by the clinician to conduct a surgical education or workshop event.

Hawk Eye Vision with Live Streaming Technology

Features of Live Streaming Technology

- High definition video stream integrable with any microphone.

- Ergonomics designed for use in surgical environment.

- Easy sterilization procedure, safe to use inside operation theatre.

- Mobile version making it easy to shift from one OT to the other during the event.

- Cost effective solution, available on rent per day.

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