Ultra M & Ultra Seal

High Performance Electrosurgical generator designed for the most demanding clinical procedures such as Cardiac, Neuro and Oncological procedures. The Ultra Seal and Ultra M generators are designed for the most critical surgical procedures. They come with an inbuilt Smart feedback system to automatically respond to tissue changes, maintaining power delivery and minimising drag. This offers a smoother cut through all tissue types. The performance of the Ultra series generators is especially good at lower power outputs as it uses lower voltage to deliver precise current, minimising neuro-muscular stimulation and collateral damage.

Design & Specification

  • Smart Feedback System

    The Ultra Series comes with an inbuilt smart feedback system provides surgeons with improved performance at lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation, and decreasing the need to “turn up the generator.”

Three coag modes

True spray coag modes offers massive & rapid non contact coagulation

Force Coag for low voltage contact coagulation

Soft coag mode delivers better coagulation with less depth of tissue necrosis

  • Dual Bipolar Modes - Micro and Macro

    Provides controlled dessication without charring, Adhesion & Blanching of tissues with Bipolar cut & coag facility

    Separate monopolar & Bipolar RF output system allow two surgeons to work independently

    Enhances convenience to satisfy the needs of surgeons for alternative applications without readjustment with separate RF power generators

Patient Electrode Monitoring System

Ultra series come with an optional patient return electrode monitoring system for both Split as well as normal type patient plates. The machine immediately gives an alarm and cuts off the output if there isn’t sufficient patient contact.

Up to 2 separate footswitches

Ultra Series can be delivered with up to 2 foot-switches: One for Monopolar & Bipolar and additional one either for Vessel Sealing or Twin Monopolar depending on the surgeon’s requirement

Ultra Series Technical Specifications

Ultra Series Selectable Combinations

User selectable combinations to choose from

Ultra Seal

For Multi Specialty Activities

  • One Monopolar
  • One Bipolar
  • One Vessel Sealer
  • One Saline BiTUR

Ultra M

For G.S. & Gynaec / Laparoscopic

  • One Monopolar
  • One Bipolar
  • One Vessel Sealer

Modularity for using accessories

Even though we recommend that the clinician should use the instruments and accessories provided by Eclipse along with the generator, the Ultra series ESU has been designed in a way that the clinician can use his own instruments and accessories with it. The instrument ports have been designed for universal standard joints to give the clinician freedom to attach any desired accessories with the generator.

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