Cresta RF Energy Platform

Adaptability, Reliability, Strong Clinical Performance Backed by Eclipse’s 30+ years of experience of building high quality Electrosurgical generators, the Cresta RF energy platform is full-featured electrosurgical system that provides electrosurgical cutting and coagulation, bipolar functionality, and vessel sealing in a single generator. The generator can be used for multiple surgical procedures belonging to a wide range of clinical faculties. This single generator can be used under a wide range of medium of operating procedure such as under water, under glycine, under saline and for open surgical applications as well. This versatility makes Cresta RF the perfect partner for all types of multi-faculty healthcare service providers.

Design & Specification

  • Up to four Separate Instrument Ports

    The Cresta RF generator platform can be delivered with up to four separate instrument ports depending on the surgeon’s comfort. As standard the generator is made with one port for monopolar, one for Bipolar Cut, one for saline Bipolar and the last one for Vessel Sealing. The doctor can request customization in ports as well. Bipolar Cut and Vessel Sealing can be given on single port as well.

Four Independent Display Settings and up to four instrument ports

Cresta RF has four in-built display ports to independently display the settings used by the clinician for each mode of operation. The display is divided into Monopolar and Bipolar Section. The Monopolar display sections doubles up as a display for saline bipolar applications.

  • Patient Electrode Monitoring System

    All versions of the Cresta come with an inbuilt patient return electrode monitoring system for both Split as well as normal type patient plates. The machine immediately gives an alarm and cuts off the output if there isn’t sufficient patient contact

Up to 100 user selectable programs

The Cresta RF generator comes with up to 100 user selectable programs. The company gives a preset of 15 recommended programs for a variety of surgical procedures. Each program can be edited and customized by the operating clinician. Each program can also be saved with the surgeons name on the optional mobile application interface provided along with the generator.

  • Mobile Application Interface

    The Cresta series can be delivered with a Mobile application interface for android based devices. The application can be easily installed on any mobile or tablet and can act as the wireless controller or a wall mount controller for the generator. The Cresta series is the only generator in India currently with a Mobile application interface. The application can be used to give commands to the machines, save surgeon’s modes and surgical setting for easy recall at the time of next surgical procedure.

Up to 3 separate footswitches

Cresta RF can be delivered with up to 3 foot-switches: One for Monopolar, one for Bipolar and additional one either for Vessel Sealing or Twin Monopolar depending on the surgeon’s requirement

Cresta RF Technical Specifications

Modularity for using accessories

Even though we recommend that the clinician should use the instruments and accessories provided by Eclipse along with the generator, the Cresta RF energy platform has been designed in a way that the clinician can use his own instruments and accessories with it. The instrument ports have been designed for universal standard joints to give the clinician freedom to attach any desired accessories with the generator.

Cresta RF AV

The video is intended to serve as a guide to our partners and our end user to use our generator. Please do not use the generator without reading the entire operating manual. For further guidance, please reach out to our authorized representative at Matrix Medicals.

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